I’m a huge Wildfitness fan. The brainchild of Oxford graduate and health guru Tara Wood, who grew up in Kenya, Wildfitness is the ultimate in body breaks. The holidays are designed to help people eat, move and live in harmony with nature, and are held in both Kenya and Europe. Most of the physical exercise takes place out doors – think running along the beach, swinging from trees, lifting rocks and swimming in the ocean. This is fitness as nature intended, primal, free, and a breath of fresh air for jaded gym-goers. Whether you’re looking to kick-start a health regime or just want time to focus on your health and fitness in beautiful, natural surroundings, this is the holiday for you.

Prepare for early morning workouts, physical assessments, posture and movement workshops and lectures on health and nutrition. It’s an all-round education. And there’s nothing quite like it. Away from the shackles that blight our natural good health, you’re free to push your body to its limits, and doing so outside feels so unbelievably good you’ll wonder why we’re not all doing it, even on a rainy day back home. Feeling the sun, rain, wind and air on your face as you exercise is very revitalising and energising.

Which leads me on to eating. Tara studied food science so she knows what she’s talking about. Delicious, fresh organic meals are par for the course at Wildfitness, and throughout your stay Tara explains the benefits of eating a wild diet, free from pesticides and processed foods. We feasted on tuna steaks, fresh fruit, homemade yoghurt and lots of nuts and seeds and whole grains. Alcohol, caffeine and sugar were definite no-nos.

Back at home it would be easy to fall into old habits, but Wildfitness gets under your skin. It’s the body holiday we all need from time to time – a reminder of what peak physical condition should and could feel like.

Check out the Wildfitness blog at: http://wildfitnessblog.com

Book a holiday here: www.wildfitness.com

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